If you have any questions regarding the use of FALCON.m or ideas for future improvements, feel free to contact us at .

We are happy to hear about your work with FALCON.m and help with specific implementation problems. To help us answer your questions, please describe issues precisely. For example, consider the following aspects:

  • Intention: Please give a basic description of the Optimal Control Problem (OCP) you are trying to solve. This helps us rule out misunderstandings regarding the capabilities of the optimal control approach implemented in FALCON.m.
  • Implementation: How did you implement your OCP in FALCON.m (phases, types of cost functions, boundary conditions, …)?
  • Errors: Please include all relevant error messages and reports generated by FALCON.m.
  • Environment: FALCON.m and Matlab version numbers are already included in autogenerated error reports. In some cases, further information on the software environment may be useful, for example the C/C++ compiler version, operating system etc.
  • Example: In some cases, a minimal example might help us better understand your questions and allow us to reproduce your issues. Do not include sensitive data.