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Johannes Traugott

 Kontakt / Contact

Dr. -Ing. Johannes Traugott

Momentanes Arbeitsgebiet / Current Field of Work

  • Integrierte Navigation & Datenfusion
    Kopplung von GNSS mit Trägheitsnavigation und weiterer Hilfssensorik für Echtzeitanwendungen
  • Integrated navigation & datafusion
    Fusion of GNSS with inertial navigation and other aiding sensors for real-time applications

Forschungsgebiete / Research Interests

  • Entwicklung eines zeit-differenziellen Navigationsverfahrens zur präzisen Vermessung von Flugbahnen mittels miniaturizsierter GNSS Empfänger;
    Arbeitstitel Dissertation: "Precise Flight Trajectory Reconstruction Based on Time-Differential GNSS Carrier Phase Processing"
  • Development of a time-difference based navigation method for precisely measuring flight trajectories using miniaturized GNSS receivers;
    Working title of dissertation: "Precise Flight Trajectory Reconstruction Based on Time-Differential GNSS Carrier Phase Processing"

Lehre / Teaching

  • Flugmechanik I - Flugleistungen; WS 05/06 (Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Sachs)
  • Flight Mechanics I - Flight Performance; winter term 05/06 (Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Sachs i.R.)
  • Flugmechanik II - Flugeigenschaften; SS 06 (Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Sachs)
  • Flight Mechanics II -Flight Qualities; summer term 2006 (Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Sachs)

Veröffentlichungen / Publications


J. Traugott. "Precise Flight Trajectory Reconstruction Based on Time-Di fferential GNSS Carrier Phase Processing." Verlag Dr. Hut , München, 2011. ISBN 978-3-86853-926-4  

Navigation / Navigation

J. Traugott, F. Holzapfel, and  G. Sachs. "Conceptual approach for precise relative positioning with miniaturized GPS loggers and experimental results." In Low-Cost Navigation Sensors and Integration Technology, RTO-EN-SET-116, Ankara, Prague, Toulouse, Porto, March 2010. NATO Research and Technology Organization. (pdf )

M. Kirkko-Jaakkola, J. Traugott, D. Odijk, J. Collin, G. Sachs and F. Holzapfel. "A RAIM approach to GNSS outlier and cycle slip detection using L1 carrier phase time-differences." In Proc. of the IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems, Tampere, Finland, October 2009. IEEE. (pdf , poster )

J. Traugott, B. Braun, F. Holzapfel, G. Sachs, and D. Odijk. "Precise kinematic relative positioning with a stand-alone miniaturized L1 GPS data logger." In Low-Cost Navigation Sensors and Integration Technology, RTO-EN-SET-116, Rome, Munich, Warsaw, March 2009. NATO Research and Technology Organisation. (pdf

J. Traugott, G. Dell'Omo, A.L. Vyssotski, D. Odijk, and G. Sachs. "A time-relative approach for precise positioning with a miniaturized L1 GPS logger." In Proc. of ION GNSS 21th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division, pp. 1883-1894, Savannah, GA, 16 - 19 September 2008. The Institute of Navigation. (pdf )

J. Traugott, D. Odijk, O. Montenbruck, G. Sachs, and C.C.J.M. Tiberius. "Making a di erence with GPS." GPS World, 19(5), pp. 48 - 57, May 2008. (online article, pdf )

Vogelflug / Bird Flight

J. Traugott, A. Nesterova, and G. Sachs. "The Flight of the Albatros." IEEE Spectrum, pp. 46 - 54, July 2013. (online article)

G. Sachs, J. Traugott, A.P. Nesterova, G. Dell'Omo, F. Kümmeth, W. Heidrich, A.L. Vyssotski, and F. Bonadonna. "Flying at no mechanical energy cost: Disclosing the secret of Wandering Albatrosses." In PlosONE, 7(9) pp. 1-7, September 2012. (online article , pdf

G. Sachs, J. Traugott and F. Holzapfel. "In-flight measurement of dynamic soaring in Albatrosses." In Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2 - 5 August 2010. AIAA 2010-8035 (pdf ).

J. Traugott. "Measuring the dynamic soaring of albatrosses by time-differential processing of phase measurements from miniaturized L1 GPS receivers." Colloquium Satellite Navigation, Munich, June 2009. Institute of Communications and Navigation, TU München.

Strukturdynamik / Structural Dynamics

J. Traugott, M.J. Patil and F. Holzapfel. "Nonlinear modeling of integrally actuated beams." Aerospace Science and Technology, 10(6), pp. 509-518, September 2006. doi:10.1016/j.ast.2006.06.003

J. Traugott, M.J. Patil, and F. Holzapfel. "Nonlinear dynamics and control of integrally actuated helicopter blades." In Proc. of the 3rd Adaptive Structures Conference, Austin, TX, April 2005. AIAA-2005-2271 (pdf )

M. Altho ff, M.J. Patil and J. Traugott. "Nonlinear modeling and control design of active helicopter blades." In Proceedings of the 14th Adaptive Structures Conference, Newport, Rhode Island, 2006. (pdf ) AIAA-2006-2040.(pdf)

Sonstige / Other

J. Mardon, A.P. Nesterova, J. Traugott, S.M. Saunders, and F. Bonadonna. "Insight of scent: Experimental evidence of olfactory capabilities in the Wandering Albatross (Diomedea exulans)." In The Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol. 213: pp.558-563, 2010.


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