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Dynamic Soaring Flight of Albatrosses Print

Dynamic Soaring Animation

Interactive 3-Dimensional Visualization  for Google Earth

Download the file for Google Earth here!
Wandering Albatross Dynamic Soaring

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  • Visualization hints
    • Open the file (Wandering Albatross Dynamic Soaring.kmz) by double clicking (MS Windows) or simply by dragging and dropping to Google Earth.
    • Google Earth sidebar
      If not already displayed when opening the file, activate the sidebar in the view menu. Enable or disable the various trajectory elements (described below) by clicking on the respective checkbox.
    • Use the scroll wheel of your mouse to navigate through the trajectory
      Scroll the wheel for zooming
      Press Ctrl and scroll for changing the map heading
      Press down the scroll wheel and move the mouse for freely changing the camera angle


  • Displayed elements
    Click on the respective icons in the Google Earth map to display bubbles holding further information
    • Dynamic soaring trajectory
      Eleven minuted of dynamic saring. The purple arrows integrated in the trajectory indicate the flight direction. The displayed position fixes are the coarse solution calculated online by the GPS module with a rate of 1 Hz.
    • Dynamic soaring cycle
      Individual dynamic soaring manoeuvre. The 10 Hz position fixes come from GPS raw data pos-processing.
    • Wind
      Blue arows indicating wind direction according to NASA QuickSCAT L3 wind data
    • Labels
      Display of additional information. Disable for unrestricted view using the respective sidebare checkbox.
    • Tour "Fly with the Albatross"
      Double-click on the sidebar checkbox next to the camera symbol to take off!
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 June 2013 )